About AR Global

AR Global Investments, LLC began with the goal of transforming the direct investment industry by introducing programs with innovative and distinct, investor-first features. We are a leading full-service asset management platform that acquires, owns and operates properties predominately in the United States and Western Europe.

Our team of approximately 150 professionals spans two continents and six locations. We proactively manage four distinct portfolios with a combined value in excess of $12 billion. As a result of the global scope of the portfolios under management, AR Global has access to a multitude of investment opportunities.

Our company culture, the root of our success, is established on ethical values and a commitment to approaching every decision through the eyes of all of our stakeholders; the investors, real estate partners, institutions and employees we serve. We do this with the confidence that if we focus on our stakeholders then we will all succeed together.

This foundation guides all of our actions, policies and programs, including: corporate governance, transparency, reporting, and due diligence which culminates in industry-leading best practice standards. These duties are important to us because we know that how we do things is just as important as what we do.

Michael Weil, Chief Executive Officer

“We are a world-class global asset manager and provider of real-estate investment strategies diversified across the US and abroad. We create value for our stakeholders by using a collaborative shared-services model that maximizes utility of our professionals across many disciplines, allowing us to underwrite, acquire, manage and finance properties in a holistic way that values credit quality alongside real estate fundamentals. This approach distinguishes us from other alternative investment managers and allows us to pursue unique real estate, financing and capital structures across 12 countries.”

Michael Weil

Chief Executive Officer

Global Presence

Global Presence

Collaboration Across Departments is a Key Fundamental at AR Global

Accounting, Finance and Treasury

The Accounting department is responsible for recording and reporting the cash flow transactions of the company. This department has key roles and responsibilities, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, both SEC and property/portfolio level financial reporting, and maintaining financial controls. Accounting is fully staffed in multiple offices in the U.S. and is fully integrated to assist all of our REITs.


The Acquisitions department is responsible for sourcing, analyzing, performing due diligence on and negotiating the purchase and disposition of assets. Each REIT on the platform has a dedicated acquisition team to manage the specific needs of the company they work on.

Asset Management

Asset Management is responsible for all property related functions including annual business planning, leasing, construction, and tenant relations. Working hand in hand with internal and external parties, the asset management team strives to provide best in class service to the platforms’ over 1,000 tenants.

Capital Markets

The Capital Markets group is a division of the company that uses its expertise in financial markets to provide services to our REITs. The capital markets group helps the REITs meet a wide variety of financial goals such as equity and debt financing.

Investor Relations

The Investor Relations department manages communications between the company’s corporate management and its investors. Supports releasing information, handling inquiries and meetings, and providing feedback to management. This group also helps coordinate with the transfer agents of each of the REITs on the platform to assist investors with account inquiries.


Leasing is integral to any portfolio and the team works with tenants and 3rd party brokers to proactively market, negotiate, and keep properties occupied throughout the four REITs on the platform. Using global market knowledge, research, and platform-wide leasing data, our team is able to seamlessly negotiate and complete lease deals with confidence in the economics achieved.


The Legal department plays a critical role in contract negotiation, employee policies, and day-to-day legal matters in areas including securities, and litigation. The group works proactively with the multiple disciplines at the firm to manage risk.


The marketing department coordinates the company’s marketing efforts in web, graphic design and print. Also, this department is tasked with building and maintaining corporate branding guidelines as well as developing presentations for corporate meetings and events.

Property Management

The property management team works with our tenants to provide a best in class experience at our properties. This includes site management, facilities assistance, and capital project management. With team members located through the United States and Western Europe we are able to bring global reach and expertise across multiple asset classes including Retail, Office, Medical Office, Industrial, Distribution, and Senior Housing to best serve our current and future tenants.

Real Estate Technology

The Real Estate Technology department of AR Global manages systems and requests to drive alignment and prioritization across internal Real Estate management. This group is tasked with researching new technologies and innovations to solve specific real estate related business needs.

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