Investment Philosophy

Since inception, we have thought, based on academic research and prior performance, that an allocation to alternative investments benefits almost every investor in reaching his or her financial planning goals. The “Endowment Model” instructs us on the value of moving beyond the traditional mix of stocks, bonds and cash. Over the past twenty years, the largest endowments in the country have rebalanced their portfolios, many allocating more than 50% of their assets to alternative investment strategies. Over that time these funds have consistently outperformed more traditional portfolio allocations weighted in favor of fixed income and equities.   We believe that real estate equity and debt as well as corporate credit is a vital element of virtually every alternative investment strategy. We begin by designing our investment programs to deliver reliable monthly distributions, protection and growth of capital, and a profitable, intermediate-term exit strategy. We seek compelling opportunities in domestic and international markets, primarily in real estate and lending, and then assess those themes to assure they will present significant investment opportunities that match our rigorous standards and are likely to achieve our intended goals. We invest our own capital in each of our offerings and adhere to a code of best practices designed to minimize fees, provide transparency, avoid conflicts of interest, reduce risk and always put first the interests of our investors.


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